In Siberia, there isn't much green to admire for most of the year.  Perhaps in compensation, nature placed rich deposits of a vivid green chrome diopside in this snowy region to delight the eye during the long and hard winter months.
This challenging landscape is home to the world's primary source of chrome diopside, a diopside gem variety that is colored by chromium, the important element that also gives emerald its rich green color. Chrome diopside is mined in a remote location in Eastern Siberia known as Inagli in the state of Sakha. The area is better known for its impressive diamond deposits.
Gems with an attractive pure green color are generally rare and pricey.  Emerald is, of course, is the most valuable and popular green gem.  Chrome diopside glows with green. In fact, when its color is less than ideal it tends to be from too much green rather than too little.

Chrome diopside has a Mohs hardness of 5.5, similar to opal or tanzanite, so it should be protected in rings that will receive a lot of wear.
-Source AGTA