Tanzanite Faceted Roundel Beads

Each Strand is 16 Inches Long (40 cm)

Easy Stringing: Minimum rill size 0.50mm, Clean Drill hole.

Natural Stone, Heat Treatment

Origin: Tanzania

Somewhere between blue and violet, this Blue Variety of Zoisite is named after its origin, Tanzania. 

While Zoisite occurs in a plethora of beautiful colors, none is more mesmerizing as Tanzanite's deep blue. It brings to mind images of pristine blue waters, untouched and pure. One look at tanzanite and your eyes will be transfixed with its profound depth, you will not want to look away as it reveals itself to you. 

While gemstones have been mined and used for centuries. Tanzanite has only been available since the 1960s. This rare Gemstone never fails to astonish. 


**Don't see the size or shape you're looking for? Contact us to place a custom stone cutting order


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Tanzanite Faceted Roundel Beads 3mm

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